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About us

Established in 2001, based in Hertfordshire, BMG Marketing specialises in Business to Business outbound telemarketing campaigns. With our clear focus on outbound B2B telemarketing services and our reputation for quality, we are one of the most highly recommended telemarketing companies in the UK. We bring cold calling experience and result driven motivation to the fore working on your B2B telemarketing campaigns. We offer a full range of unscripted outbound B2B telemarketing services including B2B telesales, B2B lead generation, B2B telephone appointments, B2B appointment setting, data cleansing, telephone research and more.

Whether we are working for a blue chip client or an SME, all our telemarketing campaigns are proactively developed by our team to maximise return on investment. With all Business to Business Telemarketing, the key to success and profit is the quality of planning and execution. We regularly work with major organisations in London and UK wide that already employ telemarketing and want to find out what a B2B Telemarketing specialist can do. Contact us today and find out what BMG Marketing can do for you and your B2B telemarketing projects. Unscripted, Trained, Salaried Telemarketing Agents motivated to produce the results your business needs.

Appointment and Lead Generation

Leave the telemarketing to the BMG Marketing, so that your people spend their days pitching your products and services to well-qualified leads, rather than hanging on the telephone.

List Building, Cleansing and Database Development

With inaccurate lists, direct marketing is doomed to failure. After just TWO years, over HALF of a database will be hopelessly wrong. Our agents will get the information that's required and feed it straight into your system